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How do I Define Resilience?

3.2.3: Journal Entry # 2

Oftentimes, people define resilience as an individual capacity to cope with different situations. However, on the other hand, Lynyrd Peras defined resilience as a community, being mindful and taking accountability of how a challenge can be overcome in connection to our relationships with others — which is something I never truly realized until I listened to the podcast.

As mentioned by Peras, I agree that strengthening resilience is not individualistic and the environment or community plays a big role, as the pandemic is something bigger than us and not merely a personal setback; but instead an opportunity for us to work as a community beyond the government’s inadequacy. With this in mind, I am able to foster resilience through different aspects of my life. One example of this is by setting up an online business of my own amid the pandemic, and supporting fellow SMEs at the same time. More so, these are some of the ways I am able to foster resilience on my own and within my community, and I will now continue to “right the wrongs” through accountability, optimism, and ultimately, vigilance.